[KDE/Mac] Fixes for Filelight utility and LSkat game

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Sun May 11 09:21:13 UTC 2014

Hi Ian,

On 11 May 2014, at 06:00 , Ian Wadham <iandw.au at gmail.com> wrote:
> There are several other environment variables that need to be set to
> achieve full isolation.  These are set in a script which is run automatically
> as soon as I "cd" to my programming work-area, thanks to a special "cd"
> function in my ~/.profile.  I can have more than one such area, each with
> its own setup.
can you perhaps share these files? I am myself looking for a way to work on
KMyMoney code without the need to install it using “port install” every time.

> With apps, I do not worry about versions of KDE apps and daemons, unless
> perhaps the app is complicated by having plugins and KParts.  It turns out
> that the daemons and background processes needed to run an app are
> not running continuously, but only occasionally as a result of library calls
> made by the app (e.g. if Palapeli requests a plugin to slice a new puzzle).
Well, KMyMoney, Skrooge and other apps heavily rely on KParts and plugins,
which is why kbuildsycoca probably also needs to know where to find newly built
libs in the build directory of the application one is working on.

> The only thing that runs all the time is central DBus, apparently.

> A dedicated user account is recommended by the manual for kdesrc-build.
I thought so.

> I tried it, but did not get very far.  It failed on git setup and repository access,
> but should work if you are going to use anongit.  I think it will give you private
> ownership of processes you may start indirectly, but everyone gets the same
> central DBus, MacPorts, etc. which are owned by root.
I’m interested in those bash files. Might try building it as a dedicated user.


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