[KDE/Mac] Repository for patches to fix KDE Problems on OS X

"Marko Käning" mk-lists at email.de
Sun Jun 29 21:43:38 UTC 2014

Hi Ian,
> You must have been away when I sent my email of 13 June
> http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kde-mac/2014-June/001094.html
> Well it *was* Friday 13th… ;-) Just unpack the attached .tgz file and
> check the README… :-)

yup, I was. :)
And there was far too much in my inbox to work through that slowly.
At that moment I must have just flicked over it.

> I think I will git-push that stuff to a new directory in osx-patches.

That would be a wise move.

> Who is PasNox? Google shows http://pasnox.tuxfamily.org/[http://pasnox.tuxfamily.org/], Filipe from
> Amiens, home of one of my favourite cathedrals. Does he use Apple?

Yes, that's him. He's mainly developing on Linux, but has also access to an Apple.
Would be great if you could support him in case he has specific questions regarding
the source build on OSX.


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