[KDE/Mac] Giving up on kdeinit4 and friends

"Marko Käning" mk-lists at email.de
Sun Aug 31 11:28:57 UTC 2014

Hi Ian,

> Did you get your ui.rc files and icons going?  I've been hanging here
> in suspense… :-)

no, I am resting currently a little. ;)
It's all caused by my insufficient patch to QStandardPaths [1].

> Yeah.  But I still intend to batter Dr K into some sort of shape.

That's good news!

> I might
> even update the Bugzilla interface if I can, to keep up with the latest
> changes in Bugzilla software, which are moving away from using
> cookies.

Would be great, indeed!

> Sorry, I'd love to help you personally, Marko, but KF5 is one of the main
> reasons I announced my retirement from KDE Games programming
> early this year… apart from advancing age and a little forgetfulness… :-)

Oh, that I didn't know.
In that case I think we should focus on KDE 4, okay.

> Object-oriented libraries are supposed to -reduce- the need for maintenance, 
> not -generate- it [1].


> Thank you.  I will.  MacPorts users deserve to get a decent break out of KDE
> software and it is them I care about, even though I was "core developer" for
> a large part of my work career.

:) I like to hear that!

> > You could support me with the OSX/CI system and once we've got that set
> > up correctly we can introduce KF5 ports for MacPorts, so that testing
> > KF5 on OSX in real life can begin.
> You forget that, for some time to come, there will be a backlog of KDE
> applications to be ported --- twice --- from KDE 4 to KF 5 and then to
> MacPorts.  So what use will KF 5 be to us without a large body of apps?

Ian, what I am trying to achieve with my trials to set up a native OSX/CI
system is to bring a large number of apps to OSX right from the start!!

I am - currently still manually - sending out build errors the moment I
spot them on my local OSX/CI system and - since dbus is working now - I am
confident that I might get the right patch for QStandardPaths in place at
some time so that also all projects' tests will be running as well. I am
sure that such an OSX/CI system being available early on will support KF5's
OSX development. In the past months my OSX/CI activities brought quite a few
projects even to Linux-Jenkins and I must say that my emails indeed lead to
rather immediate fixes of the corresponding KF5 code.

So, I am also not giving up, yet. :)


[1] http://quickgit.kde.org/?p=clones%2Fwebsites%2Fbuild-kde-org%2Fkaning%2Fmp-osx-ci.git&a=blob&h=e0b488e55a279023c1750543cb1daf8b40980321&hb=4c2bfb1d764e18b9ee12851c991ef5126e4d30f1&f=patches%2Fqt5%2Fkf5-qt5%2Fpatch-qstandardpaths_mac.cpp.diff

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