[KDE/Mac] KMyMoney, KCrash and more on KF5

Ian Wadham iandw.au at gmail.com
Mon Aug 25 03:16:54 UTC 2014

Hi Marko,

On 25/08/2014, at 2:37 AM, Marko Käning wrote:
> On 24 Aug 2014, at 06:16 , Ian Wadham <iandw.au at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Try command "QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM=raster qt5/extragear/office/kmymoney… etc.” or
> I’ve used the explicit definition of the graphics system now and so kate starts
> differently, but later on still crashes, but for another reason. I am getting the
> below output on the console.
> Attached you’ll also find the crash log, which has changed as well.
> So, that seems to be it:
> 	For kate I DO need to explicitly define the graphics system at start!
> This reminds us of KMyMoney, doesn’t it?

In the past, KDE has had a whole lot of standard settings to use when building Qt.
I daresay it still does.  So the thing is to find out what those build options are for
Frameworks and then check that you have all of those for Qt-Mac.  You might
need to add "-raster", but I would have hoped that, by now, the Qt guys would
have standardised on Raster for ALL Qt 5 platforms. With Qt 4, they left it out
of Qt-Mac, but standardised on it for Linux and Windows.

> Okay, but there is ONE application which worked *without* anything like that, right
> from the start on the OSX/CI system, namely
> 	kalgebra
> and this program actually even uses 3D graphics!

Who knows why that is?  Have you tested all the menu and button actions of KAlgebra?
Maybe not all of it is working, but it just gets further than other apps.

Looking at the source code, KAlgebra sets up a whole lot of QWidgets within a tab
widget and it gets its graphics widgets created by the Analitza library, which might use
OpenGL for both 3D and 2D, if you have OpenGL available in your system, which you
probably do.

> It looks like one would have to try to investigate what kalgebra does differently
> compared to kate. How come kate crashes because of the graphics system, while
> kalgebra survives?

I would suggest that you pick simpler apps to build and run.  Then when you are sure
everything works properly in those apps, progress to more complex apps such as Kate
and KMyMoney. Maybe start with KDE or Qt Example programs, or a game with very
little animation, such as Bovo, or a simple Edu app (KHangman?)… Even Hello World.

What apps did the Frameworks guys use when they were first putting Frameworks together
and testing it?

Cheers, Ian W.

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