[KDE/Mac] KMyMoney, KCrash and more on KF5

"René J.V. Bertin" rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Aug 23 12:27:42 UTC 2014

On Aug 23, 2014, at 14:14, Mario Fux wrote:

> Strange. But that means KDE Windows has in the end the same problem. But to 

My thought exactly - esp. when I recalled having seen some suggestion of renewed KDE Windows activity, hinting at a jump from 4.7 (or so) to KF5 ...

> cite Kevin from the email in [2]:
> "If not available then kcrash could provide a default very basic one."
> Wouldn't this pe possible for the native Mac crash handler?

Yes, it'll provide the backtrace (if the system is configured to popup the crash dialog). But to my knowledge it's not possible/trivial to get the report sent elsewhere but to Apple.

> I don't think that building and using plasma-workspace on Mac is the solution. 
> If that'd be necessary there is something really broken. plasma-workspace is a 
> workspace and thus not thought for Windows or Mac OS X and the work to port it 
> to Wayland just started.

As you know, kde-workspace contains a number of things that are not really related to (having) a workspace per se: SystemSettings and the oxygen theme. I'd love to see the theme available in KF5 (esp. if Qt5 tackles the compositing glitch the theme currently suffers from), and the systemsettings app is just plain handy even if it doesn't have all possible controls.
Unless of course someone volunteers to glue all those kcms into a PreferencePane O:-)


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