[KDE/Mac] Problem with akonadi_imap_resource and negative Timer events (10.9.4 KDE 4.13.3) !

Franz Skale i.bin at dah.am
Tue Aug 19 08:46:21 UTC 2014

perhaps you can help.
I'm testing kontact on OSX (4.13.3) and getting a lot of negative Timer
Using the same source on linux works without the errors.
Also i have troubles with the summy view and appointments.
I configured to show the last 31 days, but kontact reminds only the same
Is this because of the negative timer events ?
I get dozents of negative timer events on akonadi_imap_resource.

akonadi_imap_resource_1(2063)/kdepimlibs (kimap)
RetrieveItemsTask::onFinalSelectDone: No messages present so we are done
QObject::startTimer: QTimer cannot have a negative interval



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