[KDE/Mac] "Problems of KDE software" wiki page on MacPorts

Mario Fux kde-ml at unormal.org
Sun Apr 13 20:41:31 UTC 2014

Am Sonntag, 13. April 2014, 15.42:55 schrieb meik michalke:
> hi marko,

Morning Meik and Marko

> thanks for the info!
> Am Sonntag, 13. April 2014, 13:27:54 schrieb mk-lists at email.de:
> > Hmm, I just see that R also has the OpenSSL trouble, i.e. would have to
> > be build from sources. :-( —
> > $ . bin/mp-distributable.sh R
> > "R" is not distributable because its license "gpl" conflicts with license
> > "OpenSSL" of dependency "openssl” —
> if it's just R, the up-to-date portfile can be built against the binary
> bundle from CRAN. we actually switched to this as the default after we ran
> into serious build problems with R (some odd compiler incompatibilies, i
> don't remeber the details any more).
> the portfile from the ticket is likely not the most recent one. i wrote a
> build script which does everything from setting up MacPorts to bundling the
> package, it uses local copies of two different portfiles ("rkward" and
> "rkward-devel") for stable and trunk versions. they're in the kde directory
> here:
>  http://sourceforge.net/p/rkward/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/rkward/macports/

Let me get this mail slightly back to the original thread topic (not that 
you're doing great work and you already started another thread but you'll see 
why in a minute),

IIRC I already wrote to a Thomas Friedrichsmeier and I'd like to invite you, 
Meik, as well (I still hope to bring Marko to Randa and he doesn't have an 
excuse if missing work or emails he does for KDE software on Mac anymore ;-) 
to Randa this August.

First to help porting Rkward to KDE Frameworks 5
Second to help porting it to Mac and other KDE software to Mac.
And third you get closer to the KDE community.

So don't hesitate if you've questions and otherwise find your way to 
http://sprints.kde.org/sprint/212 ;-).

Best regards and good night

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