[KDE/Mac] launching kded

Ian Wadham iandw.au at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 21:44:30 UTC 2013

I presume you are talking about running this stuff on an Apple Mac.

On 14/01/2013, at 4:46 AM, brad wrote:
> How should one go about launching kded4? Should this be done automatically
> somehow?

kded4 is pretty strong meat, from what I can gather.  In a KDE desktop it is a
directory watcher, but it is also used to launch a few daemons.  I don't know
whether any of these might break in an Apple Mac desktop.  Chalk and cheese.
I am pretty sure kded4 runs as part of KDE desktop startup.

> Background:
> I recently had a problem using digikam for uploading images to a website. The
> problem was that kded4 was not running, which means code using khtml could not
> access cookies; thus the webservice failed. Once i started kded4 it worked and
> all was well. It seems cumbersome to start kded4 by hand each
> time i want to use cookies w/ a kde app. Is there a better way to have kded4
> start automatically or on-demand when a application needs it?

I tried to find out more about this kind of thing on kde-devel, a few months ago.
See http://lists.kde.org/?l=kde-devel&m=134795632703643&w=2

Although some of the best KDE guys responded, I was not able to find out much,
but maybe you could get a few more clues from that thread.

It might be easiest if you just run kded4 whenever you are thinking of using Digikam
to upload images to the web.  Or use a native Mac program to upload them.

If you really want to live dangerously, how about adding kded4 to Apple Mac's
System Preferences->Users and Groups->Login Items?  I have done this with
kdeinit4, with no ill effects.

I also run kbuildsycoca4 from the command line after using Macports to install new
versions of KDE libraries and apps and that gets a few broken apps working, including
Digikam I heard just a few days ago on the Macports list.

Cheers, Ian W.

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