[KDE/Mac] Re: KDE vs Macports (Was: trouble with snow leopard)

Steven Britton stevencbritton at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 16:09:42 CET 2011

Sorry, but that just doesn't make sense.

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On 2011-01-04, at 7:22 AM, Mike McQuaid <mike at mikemcquaid.com> wrote:

> On 4 January 2011 14:08, Steven Britton <stevencbritton at gmail.com> wrote:
>> To the first point regarding KDE-dependent packages being broken on
>> the Mac environment, it seems to me that given KDE is designed as an
>> environment in which to run dependent applications, when the dependent
>> applications don't run, someone (not necessarily you, but someone)
>> should probably look into it.  If I had more dev experience myself, I
>> might even do it myself, and when I'm finished the objective-C stuff
>> I'm doing, I might.
> They aren't broken on Mac, they are broken in Macports.
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