[KDE/Mac] Re: KDE vs Macports (Was: trouble with snow leopard)

Steven Britton stevencbritton at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 15:26:52 CET 2011

The forum is the mac-specific forum hosted by kde.org.

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On 2011-01-04, at 7:22 AM, Mike McQuaid <mike at mikemcquaid.com> wrote:

Agreed, I think it would be a good idea to correct the forum on this.
Feel free to point me to the correct place and I'll do so. That's not
defensive, that's helpful, thanks :)

The solution, of course, would be to return to the kde mac-specific

forums and talk to people posing questions/asking for help in more -

shall we say, "trivial?" issues, and then, as you get to know the

people active in the forums, if someone seems serious about the dev

aspect, then invite them, privately, to a private mailing list that

isn't general public knowledge in the forum, or, if it become general

knowledge, then make it abundantly clear that the mailing list is

invite-only and specifically for dev work, NOT "support."

I don't think we need it to be private or invite only but this should
probably be a development list.


Mike McQuaid
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