[KDE/Mac] here there be updates

Mike Arthur mike at mikearthur.co.uk
Fri Jan 23 10:39:12 CET 2009

On Thursday 22 January 2009 21:30:01 Leo Franchi wrote:
> I have put amarok.icns in Resources/  and made sure Info.plist
> specifies amarok.icns as the icon, but no dice. I have also tried
> Amarok.icns as the executable name is Amarok ). what is interesting is
> that i have the amarok icon in the doc and systray and everywhere else
> when amarok is running---just not in the finder.
The dock/systray is defined by Qt's application icon not by the Info.plist so 
it's in the latter you want to look to sort this.

Mike Arthur

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