[KDE/Mac] KDE4 and D-BUS

Julian Mehnle julian at mehnle.net
Sun Feb 8 11:55:33 CET 2009

O wrote:
> And thank you for failing to do anything other than whine.
> This was not a macports trick quiz for Julian Mehnle, it was actually
> a "Have Julian Mehnle try this out for himself to see just how/if it
> works".
> You see if Julian Mehnle would have made an actual effort to
> contribute other than making flyby comments, Julian would have either
> a) reduced some work for others who have other, far more important
> things to do or b) understood why what he's asking isn't possible
> (thereby alleviating the need for someone to take time from an already
> busy schedule to address this)
> So hey, here's an idea. The next time you have a bright idea on how to
> make things better, that's oh so trivial to implement, how about you
> actually _try_ it first.
> Then, give instruction on how to achieve it when asking for this
> fabtaculous idea to be implemented.
> OR you can just be Julian Mehnle: PITA. Either way I figure I'll have
> fun with it so it's up to you. Toodles :-)

Thanks for all the work you've done on KDE4/Mac in the past.

However, I have no need to let myself be pissed on with a "shut up unless 
you have spent hours on trying to implement an idea the unfeasibility of 
which others could have dismissed with a friendly, well-reasoned comment 
with an effort of just one minute" attitude.  Oh, and I did NOT make a 
feature request.

Goodbye, and sorry for not being a MacPorts expert.

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