[KDE/Mac] Icons problem (kde4.1 beta w/ Torrent packages)

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at befunk.com
Sat May 31 16:55:23 CEST 2008

bkn at ithryn.net wrote:

> I had this very same problem and was able to fix it. It seems that
> kdebase-runtime.pkg doesn't install properly through kde.mpkg. When i tried
> installing it by hand using open kdebase-runtime.pkg, the installer ran but
> failed. Although i noticed that installer.app never asked for my sudo
> password. I then tried sudo open kdebase-runtime.pkg, and that failed too.
> What ended up working for me is chown -R USERNAME /opt, then i ran the
> installer by hand again, and kdebase-runtime.pkg finally installed -- and i
> got icons!

Aha!  You're right, the kdebase-runtime package wasn't requiring 

I've fixed this in the source, and the next release will have this 
repaired.  Thanks for the report!

> I hope this helps, 
> btw, i like how the everything.torrent is comprised of multiple files now
> and the mac.kde.org webpage looks awesome. Thanks for your work!

Unfortunately, I'm gonna have to make everything.torrent (and the other 
torrents) be comprised of one file again, since the postflight chmod 
thing can only be solved by packaging it up in a zip or dmg file.  :(

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