[KDE/Mac] So I think we should plan what we're going to do for the 4.1 release.

Aidan Van Dyk aidan at highrise.ca
Mon Jul 14 16:27:37 CEST 2008

Will these efforts lead to "packages" that my wife will be able to
install on her iBook too, or will I have to resort to being her
sysadmin again to use macport/etc to get KDE4 installed and updated?


* Tanner Lovelace <clubjuggler at gmail.com> [080714 10:13]:
> I am indeed.  Of course, that's been interrupted by taking some vacation
> the past couple of months and then losing all internet connectivity this
> past week.  But, that just shows, I believe, that there needs to be more
> people working on it.
> Current status is that qt4-mac is currently set up in a
> good default state for KDE.  CLucene has been updated to a new
> enough version that will work with Strigi and Strigi has been packaged
> as a port, submitted, and accepted.
> The main thing I'm thinking about now is how to get everything else from
> kdesupport packaged.  Once that is done, I believe we can start with kdelibs
> and then rest of the kde packages.  I really don't think they'll be that hard
> to do once everything else is packaged up.
> Cheers,
> Tanner Lovelace
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