[KDE/Mac] relocatable application bundles

Harald Fernengel harry at kdevelop.org
Mon Feb 4 23:17:13 CET 2008


Jonas Bähr wrote:
> # How it works:
> # $0 may be /Applications/Krusader.app/Contents/MacOS/krusader
> # ${0%/*/*} removes the last two elements from the path
> # => /Applications/Krusader.app/Contents is added to KDEDIRS
> #   => the app find its resorces
> KDEDIRS="${0%/*/*}:$KDEDIRS" $0.bin
> -----------8<-----------------------8<--------------

I think we should fix KStandardDirs to also look into the App Bundle's 
path (e.g. with CFBundleGetMainBundle() and friends). Anyone volunteers 
to write a patch? :)

As Benjamin said, cmake is still a bit tricky, so getting the 
information INTO the bundle currently has to be done manually during 


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