[KDE/Mac] relocatable application bundles

Benjamin Reed rangerrick at befunk.com
Mon Feb 4 16:21:39 CET 2008

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Jonas Bähr wrote:
| Hi,
| Is there (yet) a proper way to create relocatable application bundles
| for KDE applications?
| I'm working on Krusader [1] and since I've got only a mac here to
| work with I'm currently doing all my KDE stuff under Mac OS X. Trying
| to make a binary package I stumbled over this problem.
| I solved it with a little wrapper script [2] which places the
| "Contents" directory of the bundle in KDEDIRS and copy the the
| relevant data (the entire share and lib folders of my app) there.
| This kind of works, but is quite long winded... Is there maybe a
| better way to do this job? Or could the whole procedure be automated
| by cmake (which is also quite new to me)?

It's something I would like to support, but not yet doable AFAIK.

First step, I think, would be to get kdelibs turned into real
frameworks, and then go from there.

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