[kde-linux] How to silence the device notifier in a multi seat environment

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Nov 11 12:24:36 UTC 2015

Juan Ignacio Saitua posted on Wed, 11 Nov 2015 00:17:31 +0000 as

> Hi,
> I'm having a difficult time trying to silence the kde device notifier
> when a usb disk is inserted in a multi seat environment. Kde keeps
> notifying every session about the new connected usb disk (I expect it to
> only notify the one with the same seat as the device). What I've tried
> so far: I made an udev rule to tag the devices to their corresponding
> seat and a polkit rule to authorize only the associated seat to perform
> udisks* actions. Udisksctl shows the correct seat attached to the
> corresponding drive and polkit works as expected. Any hint for
> where/what to look would be much appreciated!
> Thanks and regards,Juan Ignacio Saitua.
> P.D: I'm using ubuntu 14.04, kde 4.13.3, polkit 0.113 and udisks2 2.1.3

Removing udisks is likely to do it.

Udisks is a bunch of scripts, and thus is nothing but a runtime 
dependency.  If you don't need the runtime functionality it provides, 
either remove it if your package management calls it optional as it 
really should, or inject the package without actually supplying it so it 
thinks it's installed, or create a fake package if you need to, or simply 
delete its files.

Here on gentoo I did that, fake-providing it (using package.provided on 
gentoo with portage, I believe equivalent to package injection on some 
package managers on other distros), because I don't like stuff mounting 
behind my back, etc.  Solves the problem quite nicely! =:^)

On kde4 I built entirely without polkit, etc, support, as well, and I'm 
still running that tho I have most of the plasma5 base installed for 
testing, too, just am not actually running it yet.  But gentoo and/or I 
haven't figured out how to fully kill polkit in plasma5 yet, so it's 
installed for that, ATM.

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