[kde-linux] Wrong Desktop layout in Kubuntu 14.04

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat Jan 3 10:01:00 UTC 2015

Vojtěch Zeisek posted on Fri, 02 Jan 2015 15:55:21 +0100 as excerpted:

>> I have just installed Kubuntu 14.04 onto a Dell Inspiron Mini.  It has
>> 1GB of RAM and 150GB HDD.
>> The layout of the desktop is different to other installations I have
>> done on my other machines with 14.04.  The behaviour of applications is
>> different as well.
>> At the desktop, before any applications are opened:
>> 1) the taskbar is now at the top.  It has a new entry in it called Menu
>> 2) below this is a strip of four icons currently Firefox, Kmail, System
>> Settings, Dolphin 3) Below this as another strip of icons: Bookmarks,
>> Contact, Multimedi, Internet, Graphics, Education, Office 4) When I
>> start an application the taskbar at the top is still present and the
>> normal menu items I would have associated with that application are now
>> accessible via the menu item in the taskbar.
>> I do not like this layout.  I did not chose this layout.  I do not want
>> this layout.  This laptop is for my niece who will be new to linux and
>> I intend to support her as I use 14.04 on several laptops and desktops.
>>  I do not have this layout on any of my others computers.  I do not
>> intend to have this layout on any of them either.
>> How do I change to the layout/behaviour I want and know.
> Isn't it Plasma Netbook? Could You check settings in KDE Control Centre
> | Appearance | Workspace behaviour | Workspace? There are global options
> for Plasma.

More info:

There's plasma-desktop and plasma-netbook (with some additional variants 
that allow mix-and-matching bits of each).  It sounds like you got plasma-
netbook, probably due to automatic detection of screen size or something, 
and you want plasma-desktop, with which you are more familiar, instead.

VZ's correct about where it is, except that instead of just appearance, 
in some cases there's common appearance and behavior, vs. workspace 
appearance and behavior.  That's what I see here on gentoo, tho for all I 
know kubuntu may have only appearance.  If you have the split as I do, 
it's should be the workspace category, not under common.  But after that 
it is as he said, under workspace behavior, workspace.

Once there, you should see a Workspace Type drop-down that probably says 
netbook.  Change that to desktop instead, hit apply, and you should get 
the more familiar layout. =:^)

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