[kde-linux] Wrong Desktop layout in Kubuntu 14.04

Vojtěch Zeisek vojtech.zeisek at opensuse.org
Fri Jan 2 14:55:21 UTC 2015

Dne Pá 2. ledna 2015 14:48:33, stephen napsal(a):
> Dear All
> I have just installed Kubuntu 14.04 onto a Dell Inspiron Mini.  It has
> 1GB of RAM and 150GB HDD.
> The layout of the desktop is different to other installations I have
> done on my other machines with 14.04.  The behaviour of applications is
> different as well.
> At the desktop, before any applications are opened:
> 1) the taskbar is now at the top.  It has a new entry in it called Menu
> 2) below this is a strip of four icons currently Firefox, Kmail, System
> Settings, Dolphin
> 3) Below this as another strip of icons: Bookmarks, Contact, Multimedi,
> Internet, Graphics, Education, Office
> 4) When I start an application the taskbar at the top is still present
> and the normal menu items I would have associated with that application
> are now accessible via the menu item in the taskbar.
> I do not like this layout.  I did not chose this layout.  I do not want
> this layout.  This laptop is for my niece who will be new to linux and I
> intend to support her as I use 14.04 on several laptops and desktops.  I
> do not have this layout on any of my others computers.  I do not intend
> to have this layout on any of them either.
> How do I change to the layout/behaviour I want and know.
> Wait to hear

Isn't it Plasma Netbook? Could You check settings in KDE Control Centre | 
Appearance | Workspace behaviour | Workspace? There are global options for 

Vojtěch Zeisek

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