[kde-linux] Persistent Passwords in Kmail?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Aug 6 06:46:51 UTC 2015

mail posted on Thu, 06 Aug 2015 01:06:55 +1000 as excerpted:

>>On Wed, 5 Aug 2015 17:29:08 David Baron wrote:
>> Every time the Internet connection expires and reconnects, I have to
>> reenter passwords to kmail. Or to kwallet if this is in use and
>> working. This is an unholy pain.
>> How can I make the passwords persistent?
>> ___________________________________________________
> I am afraid you may not be able to.
> I have the same problem since quite a while now.
> It even got to a stage where I was asked for a password, entered it,
> then whole tree on the left will all emails disappeared. Had to setup a
> new desktop to get my emails back.
> kmail unfortunately just has become highly unreliable.

FWIW, my mails disappeared in kmail once too often, and I asked myself 
why I was putting up with it.  After all, internet-based email has 
followed basically the same rfcs (request for comments, the official 
documentation on internet protocols, etc) for decades, and email is 
neither new technology, or rocket science, so why was I allowing my email 
client to regularly lose my email and make me jump thru hoops to get it 

>From there, it was a very quick jump from why am I allowing it, to "Well, 
I might have /been/ allowing it, but I'm not allowing it any more!"  
After nearly a decade on kmail, the akonadification broke it, it was no 
longer reliable, and I had to find a mail client that just worked, like a 
mail client /should/ work.

I've been very (OK, _extremely!_) happy with the gtk-based claws-mail 
since I switched, altho if like me you have pop3 mail accounts and thus 
everything local, the switch itself can unfortunately be quite a pain, as 
claws-mail uses the mh format for its local message storage, while kmail 
uses or used maildir and/or mbox, depending on configuration.  All my 
local mail was maildir, and I eventually converted it using a script from 
the claws-mail web site, tho the script was a old and crufty and I had to 
modify it a bit to get it to work.  Others have installed mutt (a CLI 
mail client) temporarily, to do the conversion, since it understands all 
three formats, or installed dovecot or some other local IMAP server, 
putting their mail on it locally, even if their internet mail accounts 
are POP3.

I've read of others that switched to thunderbird or evolution, altho both 
of those use databases, and I wanted fast plain-text-file-based mail 
storage, which mh-format provides (and maildir /should/ be able to 
provide as it's actually pretty similar to mh, only it seems most clients 
these days want a database, which can unfortunately get screwed up, as 
akonadified kmail demonstrates so efficiently).  So I was looking for 
something that was fast yet plain text file based, and claws-mail filled 
the bill for me very well. =:^)

The ironic thing about it is that back in 2001/2002 when I switched from 
MS and OE, kmail and the then sylpheed-claws, were the two at the top of 
my short list.  If I'd have chosen sylpheed-claws back then, I'd have 
never suffered the disruption of a change, as sylpheed-claws later became 
the claws-mail I eventually switched to.  Oh, well...

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