[kde-linux] Building KDE 4.14.0

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 30 11:11:37 UTC 2014

I have had some difficulty building some of the KDE-4.14.0 modules 
because they contained files with one, or more, instances of the string: 
"#include <Phonon/".  Note that this case sensitive.

I am not going to lament because someone made a stupid error. People 
make mistakes and my cats sometimes help me type.  What I am going to 
lament is the total aversion to quality control that appears to infest KDE.

This is an example -- an excellent example -- of where TQM [Total 
Quality Management], which basically means that you are responsible for 
managing your own quality, would have prevented a problem.

Now, I personally would  _never_ commit anything before confirming that 
it would compile and, if needed, do some testing.  But, the mention of 
TQM and quality control gives the KDE developers fits. Well, here is 
another example of why they need to embrace quality control instead of 
disrespecting those that advocate it.  It takes a lot of hubris to 
commit something without testing it first.

Too bad that I am no longer a developer or patches to fix the problems 
would be attached.  I am not even going to write up a bug report because 
I will just get insulted.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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