[kde-linux] Build failure: kde-workspace-4.10.3

Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Tue Jun 18 15:13:11 UTC 2013

On Tuesday, 2013-06-18, James Tyrer wrote:
> KDE WorkSpace-4.10.3 fails with this error:
> /usr/src/kde-workspace-4.10.3/plasma/generic/scriptengines/google_gadgets/g
> gl_package.cpp:244:37: error: cannot allocate an object of abstract type
> 'GadgetBrowserHost'
> That would mean that this block of code is wrong:
> void GglPackage::createNewWidgetBrowser(QWidget *parent) {
>    ASSERT(!host_);
>    host_ = new GadgetBrowserHost(this);
>    if (!host_ || !host_->gadget_manager_) {
>      gadgetBrowserClosed(); // Actually, it's never opened
>      return;
>    }
>    GetGadgetManager()->ShowGadgetBrowserDialog(host_);
> }
> It won't work since: "GadgetBrowserHost()" is abstract and can not be
> directly allocated.
> Does a C++ wiz have a quick fix?  I will have to read the fine manual a
> while to fix it.

Hmm. Since GadgetBrowserHost does not have any abstract methods itself, it 
might be a new abstract method in its base class ggadget::HostInterface

Maybe there is a version mismatch dependency wise?

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