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Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Mon Apr 22 15:13:57 UTC 2013

On Monday, 2013-04-22, Duncan wrote:

> KDE's not disappearing, just changing a bit. =:^)
> The new kde (which would be kde5) is now being called kde-frameworks,
> with the name reflecting the new release plan and style.

Not entirely correct :)

Frameworks 5 is the name for an initiative to rework the KDE platform product, 
often also roughly referred to as kdelibs.

One of the negative consequences of the "release a bundle containing all 
products" approach commonly referred to as KDE Software Compilation was that 
the platform product (libraries and services) got "overshadowed" by user 
facing products such as workspace or applications.

Part of the Frameworks 5 effort is to make that KDE product more visible for 
its intended taget audience, i.e. Qt application developers looking for 
libraries for a wide range of problem domains.

> What Kevin was referring to saying it's unlikely there will be a kde5, is
> the old release method used in the past and now used for kde4, with a
> whole bunch of otherwise unrelated kde packages released together, as say
> 4.10.0 for the latest six-month-cycle feature release and 4.10.2 for a
> monthly bugfix release, thereby being bound to the same six-month/one-
> month release cycle whether it's appropriate for that individual package
> or not, as well as encouraging people to think of what are really
> independent projects that share a common base, as dependent parts of the
> same project.


> The kde-frameworks that is replacing what would have been kde5,
> meanwhile, is far more modular, with the plan being that individual
> packages will be released in an update cycle that fits each individual
> package, instead of forcing them all into the same cycle.

As I wrote above it does only "replace" the platform product of the KDE.

> Plus, it'll be much easier for those that want to, to not install say
> konqueror at all, while still installing say kmail and running a plasma
> based desktop.

Well, that already works today. Most distributions have sensible packaging now 
and do no longer lump all applications of one source module into a huge single 

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