[kde-linux] Kget "My Downloads" [Is this MS Windows?]

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 10:32:41 UTC 2013

Doug wrote:
> I haven't been following this thread since I don't recognize the command
> "kget" but I looked at this one, and see the statement that there
> probably
> will not be a KDE5. Does this mean that KDE will be phased out and
> replaced
> with something else? I hope that the KDE folks are not going the way of
> Ubuntu! Without KDE, I might very well be driven back to Windows. I
> think of KDE as a Windows-compatible GUI without the crap that MS
> makes you put up with. (Windows prior to Win 8, of course!) I could
> never be happy with the Ubuntu protocols and politics.
> --doug

I watch this link:


It listed KDE5 not to long ago but seems to be gone now.  Hmmmmmmm.   It
still has the KDE4 stuff tho. 


:-)  :-) 

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