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Kevin Krammer krammer at kde.org
Tue Apr 16 17:50:11 UTC 2013

Hey, welcome back!

On Tuesday, 2013-04-16, James Tyrer wrote:
> I am back after some absence.
> I have been ill over the past year and a half.  ... was in the hospital
> 3 times for kidney stones.  Only for a day each time since they kick you
> out soon after 24 hours unless your are seriously ill.  I still have
> some small kidney stones but I am basically OK.  Then I started having
> headaches.  I was sent for an MRI which is one of my favorite things. It
> was not normal and the doctor thinks that I had a silent stroke -- I am
> getting old.  So, I am taking medication for the headaches which helps
> some.

Ah, sad to hear, hope you'll be better soon.

> I was very disappointed that I was unable to find a used CRT monitor.  I
> guess that it is just a commentary on our throwaway society.  I can
> understand why  people throw away the cheap CRT monitors but the good
> ones appear to get tossed too.  Most saw was at Computer Renascence, the
> salesman knew that CRTs had better color and lasted longer then
> inexpensive LCDs but said that they didn't carry used CRT monitors
> because they didn't sell.

My guess is that the main reason people got rid of those is their enormous 
size and weight.

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