[kde-linux] Hello again

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 16 16:52:22 UTC 2013

I am back after some absence.

I have been ill over the past year and a half.  ... was in the hospital 
3 times for kidney stones.  Only for a day each time since they kick you 
out soon after 24 hours unless your are seriously ill.  I still have 
some small kidney stones but I am basically OK.  Then I started having 
headaches.  I was sent for an MRI which is one of my favorite things. It 
was not normal and the doctor thinks that I had a silent stroke -- I am 
getting old.  So, I am taking medication for the headaches which helps some.

Also, my computer decided to die.  I basically have a new one although I 
purchased new pieces: motherboard, CPU, video board, power supply (the 
first 3 needed more power), hard drive, and mouse.  No, I didn't get a 
new keyboard.  I think that those expensive IBM (>$80) click keyboards 
last forever.

I just finished installing Linux From Scratch.  I did find 2 RPMs that I 
had to install already for something that just wasn't available. 
Something else I built a SRPM because I needed the patch, I guess that 
that is OK.

I am just finishing upgrading from KDE 4.10.1 to 4.10.2.  I never 
installed 4.9.x.

I was very disappointed that I was unable to find a used CRT monitor.  I 
guess that it is just a commentary on our throwaway society.  I can 
understand why  people throw away the cheap CRT monitors but the good 
ones appear to get tossed too.  Most saw was at Computer Renascence, the 
salesman knew that CRTs had better color and lasted longer then 
inexpensive LCDs but said that they didn't carry used CRT monitors 
because they didn't sell.

I have to wonder what people with so-called prosumer cameras do.  A good 
(for accurate color rendition) 23" wide screen monitor starts at over 
$500 (and that represents a recent drop in the price point).  While a 
good used CRT would be OK.  Perhaps people like the exaggerated color of 
most color TVs.

So, I bought a 22" 16:10 LCD monitor.  The expensive ones were out of my 
price range but I did spend a bit extra for an NEC even though it is 
still made in China.  It took considerable adjustment to tone it down. 
Still doesn't look like my Sony flat screen TV.

Also, I bought a florescent back-lit monitor (like my TV).  I am still 
wondering about the LED back-lit ones since it has been impossible to 
make true green high output LEDs.  I understand that ones with a 
synthetic band gap are supposed to become commercially available this 
year.  I wonder if this (True Green LEDs) will be the next thing to be 
hyped in TVs and monitors.

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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