[kde-linux] Konqueror and Dolphin using 100% CPU

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 16:58:42 UTC 2012

Dale wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
>> On 01/03/12 03:34, Dale wrote:
>>> Well here is a update.  I changed back to Konqueror since Dolpin
>>> was no better and I prefer it anyway.
>> Choice is always a good thing :-)  It's worth remembering, though,
>> that Konqueror and Dolphin are built largely on the same code base, so
>> if one is misbehaving, the other is likely to be, too.
>> Glad you got a solution.  I suspect that there are times when the
>> mirrors get slightly out of sync, so you end up with some dependency
>> still being update and you get the older one.  I know it shouldn't
>> happen, but even on the mainstream (in terms of packaging) distros
>> I've seen similar problems that have been cured if I update again the
>> next day.
>> Anne
> I think this was a package manager issue.  I think portage needed to
> recompile something but didn't know it needed to.  I don't think it was
> KDEs fault or anything tho.  I think the software was good but that one
> package was out of sync with another package.  It's just one of those
> things.
> I have seen this happen before with Seamonkey or Firefox.  I upgrade
> Seamonkey and some package that Seamonkey depends on causes Seamonkey to
> act weird or something to not work right.  When I recompile that package
> that causes it, Seamonkey works like it should again.
> At least now I got things working again.  I have had Konqueror open all
> day and most of the night with no problems.  My CPU is basically idle as
> it should be.
> Dale
> :-)  :-)

Well, I spoke to soon.  For a few days it worked fine then it started
doing the same thing again.

What other file managers are there that are similar to Konqueror, other
than Dolphin of course?  I'm going to do some searches too.  There has
to be something that I can leave unattended without heating up a room
for no reason.


:-)  :-)

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