[kde-linux] Konqueror and Dolphin using 100% CPU

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Mar 1 07:45:00 UTC 2012

Dale posted on Wed, 29 Feb 2012 21:34:05 -0600 as excerpted:

> Alex Schuster wrote:
>> Anne Wilson writes:
>>> On 27/02/12 14:53, Dale wrote:
>>>> Well, it appears that no matter the settings, it takes one core to
>>>> 100% and does something.  I renamed the config file and it still does
>>>> it. Maybe the next upgrade will have a fix.

>>> I saw that you are using 4.8, but I didn't see the distro mentioned
>>> (sorry if I missed it).

>> He's using Gentoo, like me.

... and me.  All three of us are aware of the other two other gentooers 
that happen to also be kde list regulars from both this kde-linux and the 
kde-general list, I'd guess.

I believe I mentioned that both he and I were gentooers in I think my 
first reply to the thread, but I can understand somebody else not 
remembering that especially if they're not a gentooer as well.

>> I have some Dolphin problems myself, but
>> they are different. And with 4.8, Dolphin finally has became usable for
>> me.

I /have/ been rather more impressed with dolphin's behavior recently, 
than before, but as explained in other posts, I still really don't use 
it /that/ much, really, as it just doesn't fit my workflow or style that 
well.  As such, I mostly use it as a super-charged drag-n-drop source/
target and file-picker dialog, but as I said, to the extent that I do use 
it, including for that, it has seemed far smoother and more polished than 
previously, tho I really couldn't put my finger on what changed.

>> But I don't have Dale's problems. I see no  high CPU usage, and my
>> preview settings are being respected. I also have Dolphin configured to
>> use the same view for all folders.

> Well here is a update.  I changed back to Konqueror since Dolpin was no
> better and I prefer it anyway.  Naturally it still did it even after I
> disabled previews everywhere I could find.  I thought I would take a
> stab in the dark and see if a recompile would help.  I did a emerge -e
> system which because of USE flags includes a good portion of KDE.  I
> then went to single user mode, killed any left over processes that
> should not be running and went back to default runlevel.  I have had
> Konqueror open know for at least 24 hours after the recompile.  It has
> not used any abnormal amounts of CPU time so far.
> My suspicions, something got updated and a dependency did not and it
> results in some weird behaviour.  This is not the first time over the
> years I have ran into this.  Most likely others on this list had
> whatever package was out of date update/recompiled for some reason and
> it was not on mine.  Now after my rebuild, everything is back in sync
> again.
> So, not a bug exactly but odd at least.

So, my suspicions that it was a subtle dependency issue not caught by 
revdep-rebuild seem to have been demonstrated true. =:^)  I just wish I 
could have been less vague, and pointed at a specific bit to rebuild.
=:^(  Oh, well, seems you found it, even if it did take the shotgun 
approach to do it.

Meanwhile, you may well be right about the recompiling, here.

In addition to the usual update-deep, revdep-rebuild, and depclean, that 
I routinely both do and recommend for other gentooers, I recently 
upgraded to gcc-4.6.2 (my first 4.6 series version on this system) and 
did a full @world rebuild with the new compiler.  While the gentoo gcc 
upgrade guide no longer recommends it as compatibility has been much 
better lately, I do still try to do it for gcc feature (4.x) upgrades 
(not bugfix, 4.x.y, tho), for a few reasons.  First, it demonstrates that 
the entire system remains buildable in general.  Second, it demonstrates 
that the entire system is buildable with the new gcc.  Third, it /does/ 
tend to eliminate these sorts of subtle dependency issues and for that 
matter, various bits of cruft and bitrot in general.  Fourth, it allows 
the entire system to take advantage of new gcc optimizations, etc, as 
well as any similar benefits from a full rebuild on top of the latest 
kernel headers, glibc, etc, with the latest binutils and catching the 
latest gentoo tree and eclass changes and the latest patches, some of 
which might not have been enough for a (gentoo revision only) -rX 
revision bump.

Plus, a full @world rebuild is a nice way to afford a clean start for a 
new year. =:^)

So yes, the whole @world has been rebuilt here for gcc 4.6, since the 
beginning of the year.  As such, it's likely that I eliminated any such 
subtle dependency issues with that.

> P. S.  When I don't reply to a post, it could be I am trying something
> mentioned in your post.  I read each reply and try whatever seems
> reasonable at first then grasp at all straws as time goes by.  It's when
> I run out of straws that I worry.  ;-)

The man makes sense!  Listen to him! =:^)

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