[kde-linux] Konqueror and Dolphin using 100% CPU

Dale rdalek1967 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 27 01:12:00 UTC 2012

Duncan wrote:
> Dale posted on Fri, 24 Feb 2012 18:52:38 -0600 as excerpted:
>> I did just notice something.  In dolphin, there is a PREVIEW button
>> right there in my face.  It's right below the menu button thingy.   I
>> clicked on it.  Maybe that will help.  Of course, I have to remember to
>> click it every time I open dolphin tho since it won't save my settings.
>>  This is a lot easier for me on Konqueror.  It generally "just works"
>> for me.
> That preview button bit reminds me...
> For quite some time, since kde3 era at least, konqueror, and I think 
> dolphin now too, sets a lot of options (the one I notice most is list 
> view vs icon view vs...) per-directory.  In writable dirs anyway, where 
> it differs from the default, a .dir file is written to the directory, 
> that contains these settings (as well as the icon shown for the dir so it 
> can be customized, and including whether hidden files are displayed in 
> the dir, or not).
> It may be that you're changing the settings for some specific dir, and 
> not for the default if no .dir file is found.  And, if the dir you'r 
> changing it for isn't writable (or if changes were made earlier when 
> using konqueror/dolphin running as root, so the .dir file is owned by 
> root), then naturally it won't even be saved in that dir, either.
> It seems that for dolphin, there's a preference whether it remembers per 
> dir, or uses a common setting (looks like konqueror has a similar 
> option).  That's found in dolphin prefs, general, behavior tab, view 
> properties section.
> But the most settings for this are (I knew they were available and still 
> had a bit of trouble finding them!) found under the view menu, adjust 
> view properties.  Here, there's options to apply it to current dir 
> (um...folder) only, current and subdirs, all dirs, or make it the 
> default.  (Presumably setting all dirs would force common setting, 
> above.  I could test but won't.)
> I don't see the previews status in those options, but it could be saved.  
> If you've not tried that yet, see if toggling previews off, then 
> adjusting view properties and setting it as default, saves turning them 
> off everywhere.
> But those options do seem to be similar, and in a similar place, for both 
> konqueror and dolphin.  I'd not be surprised if they use the same 
> settings, so changing it in one changes it for the other as well.

I have mine set to not remember the setting for each directory.  If I
need to change them, I just click on the little picture thingy.  I have
been watching this thing since my last reply.  I also switched back to
Konqueror which I prefer anyway.  I left it in a directory that only had
three videos.  There were no directories lower than that.  If it was
trying to generate thumbnails or something, it should only take a few
seconds.  Thing is, it sat there idle with me doing nothing for a good
long while before jumping a core to 100% again.

I'm going to find the config file for this and remove it.  Maybe there
is something outdated in there or some bad setting that will fix this.

I'll report back what happens.


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