[kde-linux] 'Fetch Error' on exit

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 17:46:27 UTC 2012

After updating to KDE-4.7.4 one of my machines, when exiting KDE at
the end of the day during a shutdown, so KDE is gone but X hasn't shut
off yet, I'm now seeing a black background with a dialog window that
just says :

'Unknown error'

The title on the dialog box says only 'Fetch job error', or at least
that's my guess. The box is not resizable and I cannot see anything to
the right off 'err..'

>From Googling around it seems to be a moderately common problem.
Generally people seem to think it points at akonadi which I guess is
some sort of database or something like that. Some folks suggest
deleting old stuff that uses the database will fix it but knowing what
that things those might be eludes me at this time.

It's interesting to me that this error does not occur if I just start
KDE and immediately exit so apparently it has to do with things KDE
does as the day progresses.

1) Is anyone else seeing this?

2) What sort of things do I need to clean up to get rid of this error?

3) Is there some place where KDE logs messages about what it does all day long?

The machine is Gentoo based, mostly stable, and has run KDE for a
couple of years since it was built.

Thanks in advance,

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