[kde-linux] KDE resetting microphone setting upon login

Mark Knecht markknecht at gmail.com
Sun Apr 29 14:06:25 UTC 2012

The newest stable KDE (4.8.1) on Gentoo is causing me problems with my
microphone levels. It seems that each time I log in KDE sets the 3
faders required for me to get microphone audio (called Front Mic
Boost, Capture and Digital in the mixer) back to 0. Each time I log
in, if I need to use the microphone, then I have to set these up

This problem is new since 4.8.1. With the previous 4.7 version and all
version before it I never had this problem.

I know it's KDE on login:

1) If I log out of KDE and look in alsamixer in the console then the
settings are correct.

2) If the settings are correct when I shutdown then when  reboot I can
look in alsamixer before starting KDE and the levels are fine.

3) When the levels are fine in the console and I log into KDE the
levels are set back to zeros.

4) With the levels set back to zeros in KDE if I then shell to the
console the levels are all zeros. (No surprise there)

Does anyone know of a fix for this frustrating little problem?


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