[kde-linux] KGet: "My Documents"

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Wed Apr 11 06:30:22 UTC 2012

James Tyrer posted on Tue, 10 Apr 2012 15:02:39 -0700 as excerpted:

> I find that, by itself, KGet has added the group: "My Documents".  What
> is this, KDE-Vista?
> I also find that I can not rename or delete this group.
> I have to say that I do not find this to be a useful feature.  I do not
> see how hard coding MS-Windows like junk is a good idea rather than
> following the XDG and FreeDesktop.org standards.
> My: "$HOME/.config/user-dirs.dirs" file contains:
> 	XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR="$HOME/Files/DownLoad"
> and my: "$HOME/.config/user-dirs.dirs" file contains:
> 	[Desktop Entry]
> 	Icon=folder-downloads
> Would it really be that hard for this to work correctly.
> I do not understand why the group can not be renamed or removed.  I can
> see that there might be a reason why if there were only one group in the
> list that it could not be removed, but that is not what we have.

First of all, can user or group names have spaces in them?  And if it's a 
group, what's the GID?  Are you sure it's KGet that's setting up another 
group?  Does your user get added to that group or what?

Or are you talking about a directory, not a group?  That would seem to 
make more sense in context so I'll proceed under that assumption.

A bit of googling gave me this:


I don't happen to have either that software or kget installed, but I do 
have the ~/config/usr-dirs.dirs file. (XDG_CONFIG_HOME is set to ~/config 
here, no leading dot, as I prefer to see such directories, not have them 
hidden, so the file would be and is in the no-dot-dir accordingly, 
honoring the XDG_CONFIG_HOME environment variable setting, tho just to be 
safe I have ~/.config as a symlink to ~/config , so I guess I don't know 
for sure that it's honored, or whether it's simply following the symlink.)

Perhaps you're looking for kde settings, common appearance and behavior, 
account details, paths.  The entries in that kcontrol module seem to 
correspond to the entries in my user-dirs.dirs file, but for the 
autostart path.  FWIW, few if any of them are set to the defaults, here.

The settings in that file (corresponding to the ones in the kcontrol 
module) are of the form XDG_*_DIR, where the * is one of DESKTOP 

Meanwhile, downloading the latest tarball for the xdg-user-dirs software 
package noted above, I see a user-dirs.defaults file therein.  It 
contains three additional entries, DOWNLOAD TEMPLATES and PUBLICSHARE .

You mention the DOWNLOAD setting, but don't mention whether the DOCUMENTS 
path is set, or the others.  I'd guess that it's using the DOCUMENTS 
path, which you hadn't set, so it's using a default.  Now the software 
mentioned above sets a default of XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR=Documents, but 
presumably, being previously unset, either kde (FWIW, kcm_desktoppaths.so 
is the kcontrol module, belonging to kde's systemsettings package here on 
gentoo, which is apparently part of the kde-workspace kde sources tarball) 
or something else decided My Documents was appropriate, so set that 

Presumably, kget is using the documents xdg var instead of downloads, I'd 
guess because the downloads var was introduced after kget was already 
using the documents setting, the one that would have made the most sense 
if there wasn't yet a specific downloads setting.

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