[kde-linux] Problems with konsole.

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Thu Sep 15 04:58:29 UTC 2011

Alex Schuster posted on Thu, 15 Sep 2011 01:49:47 +0200 as excerpted:

> George R Goffe writes:
>> I'm trying to specify the geometry and some other settings for konsole
>> and am getting a REALLY small widget and some error messages that I
>> don't understand. Could someone show me the error of my ways or point
>> me to where I can find out what I'm doing wrong please?
> The geometry is given in pixels, not in characters. So you get a Konsole
> of 155x69 pixels in in size.
>> konsole --nofork -fg $FG -bg $BG -fn $FOTD --geometry
>> 0155x0016+0069+0610
>   ^^^^^^^^^
> Try increasing these.

Correct, except that he's telling it 155x16 px size (with the top-left 
corner at 69 pixels from the left edge, 610 from the top).

FWIW, run konsole --help-all in a konsole window, to get the help for 
that option, under kde options:

--geometry <geometry>     sets the client geometry of the main widget - 
see man X for the argument format (usually WidthxHeight+XPos+YPos)

Geometry is an X window property, in pixels, that kde simply happens to 
expose, thus the reference to the X manpage.

Meanwhile, a possibly easier and certainly more GUI method of specifying 
it, would be to use the kde/kwin window rules, available from kde 
settings or from the window menu (configure window behavior entry) of any 
normal window.

While we're on the topic of window rules, it's worth noting too, the 
options for size and position, including the ignore requested geometry 
and obey geometry restrictions options, available for each created window 
ruleset.  Occasionally I've had to use these options to get a window to 
behave as I wish it to.  If you continue setting geometry on the 
commandline and it's not doing what you want, try experimenting with 
these two settings.

Finally, there's an app called wmctrl that has been extremely helpful at 
least here, when trying to script window placement, etc.  Here's its 
homepage (as listed in the gentoo package), tho FWIW it's not responding 
ATM, here.


The google for it looks useful, tho:


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