[kde-linux] Re: Setting wallpaper from shell?

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Sat May 28 01:14:46 UTC 2011

Christopher Roy Bratusek posted on Fri, 27 May 2011 21:16:31 +0200 as

[in the context of scripted wallpaper changes, see subject]

> but changing the value manually in the RC-file, does not take affect
> until sending a kill signal, thus it's not a clean solution (editing the
> file by hand and opening the settings, also doesn't work).

I've not tried it, but what about editing the file, then running 
kbuildsycoca4 ?

kde uses a text-based config (major *MAJOR* thanks due to the kde folks 
who have continued to insist on that!! =:^) , but caches it in the binary 
SYstem-COnfig-CAche (sycoca) at runtime for performance reasons.  
kbuildsycoca4 is the app that's supposed to be run to update the binary 
cache based on text file changes, and kded should notify all running apps 
including plasma accordingly.  But whether plasma is actually designed to 
take advantage of such notifications in this context, or indeed, whether 
the wallpaper config is a sycoca-cached item, I don't know.

Given that you're trying things, please try that and report back, as I'm 
interested in knowing whether it actually works or not.

> In KDE3 times, there has been a dcop command for this, so I thought
> there's a qdbus equivalent now...

There very possibly is, but obviously, none of us "peers" you are asking 
know the specifics.  However, I *DID* find the app comparable to the dcop 
interface explorer (whatever it was called, kdcop, maybe?) from kde3, the 
other day:


Try running that and exploring the interface a bit.

After a quick look here, I don't see a specific set wallpaper method  
(perhaps if I knew the properties to get/set...) but I DO see a reload 
config method.  I'd try that.


But given that you brought up the kde3 dcop interface, it's likely you 
already have a better idea how to actually use that in a script than I 
do.  I know it's possible, but have never actually used it for anything 
and would thus have to google around to get some details, and you can do 
that if necessary as well as I. =:^)

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