[kde-linux] Re: kde-linux Digest, Vol 100, Issue 6

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Sat Jul 30 19:03:43 UTC 2011

On Friday 27 Tamuz 5771 13:00:15 kde-linux-request at kde.org wrote:
> > With the 3.0 kernels, ipchains is no longer supported. Apparently
> > guarddog used ipchains to run iptables or some such scheme.
> Are you sure it was with kernel 3.0?  

Actually, the rc.firewall script only test 2.6 and earlier kernels. It only 
used ipchains for 2.2. Nothing to do with when it was actually removed from 
the kernel. Problem is updating that file to test for 3.0. Actually, nowadays, 
there is no need for any of this (unless there are still a few couch-potatoes 
around :-)

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