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Anne Wilson cannewilson at googlemail.com
Thu Sep 16 09:09:50 UTC 2010

On Thursday 16 Sep 2010 09:06:51 John Layt wrote:
> On Thursday 16 September 2010 00:21:35 Duncan wrote:
> > I know you're a dev and I sincerely thank you for your work, but could
> > you please turn off the HTML?  It's terribly annoying!
> Bah, how'd that get turned on again???  Not a fan of it myself.  It's a
> problem I have with how KMail works in 4.4, if you occasionally have to
> turn it on for composing some mails, the only way I can find to turn it
> off is to compose and close another email, and if you forget to turn it
> off you're suddenly spamming everyone with html.  It has apparently been
> improved in 4.5 so we'll see if there's an easy option to always prefer
> plain text.
Worse, on at least 3 occasions and update has turned it on and I didn't 
immediately spot the fact.

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