[kde-linux] XDG vs. KDE-4 Menu

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Sun May 30 21:44:49 UTC 2010

On 05/30/10 11:41, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Saturday, 2010-05-29, Duncan wrote:
>> Does your $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS/menus kde-4.4-applications.menu contain the
>> <DefaultAppsDirs>  element as specified in the spec?  I'm not sure where it
>> comes from (a quick equery suggests kdelibs, a quick check of my 4.4.3
>> binpkg confirms it, so I'm sure now =:^), but mine contains
>> <DefaultAppsDirs/>  (note the terminating /, the significance in xml of
>> which I don't know), and does indeed seem to include them, tho the caveat
>> above about installation location is noted.
>> Have you kmenuedited or otherwise edited your user's menu?  Does the same
>> thing happen with a "fresh" user, without any previous user specific kde
>> or xdg config?
> Additionally to Duncan's good hints, check that the variable is actually set
> early enough.
I think that it used to work.  I don't think that I made any changes to 
the environment variables recently.

> I've seen people set it in $HOME/.bashrc, thus seeing the correct value in any
> konsole session, but not realizing that the main KDE session is not seeing
> this environment change at all.
An environment variable setting actually belongs in $HOME/.bash_profile. 
  But, these are system wide environmental variables set in: 
/etc/profile.d scripts.

> One way to check is to run ALT+F2 and use env>  /tmp/env.out to check the
> environment of application's launched by the main KDE session.
Or use a VT which is what I did and yes, it is set in the VT.

James Tyrer

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