[kde-linux] how do you get the circumflex vowels on the French keyboard?

Robin Atwood robin at binro.org
Tue May 4 10:37:17 UTC 2010

On Tuesday 04 May 2010, Louis Hinman wrote:
> I am running KDE 4.2.4.
> I recently installed the French keyboard, which seems to have all the
> accented letters *except* for the vowels that have a circumflex over them
> ( a little "hat" like this: ^).
> In Windoze, you are advised to type the circumflex and then the vowel that
> it is supposed to go over.  However, this does not work with the KDE
> French keyboard.

I think you need to go Systemsettings/Regional&Lang../Keyboard Layout/Advanced 
and define a Compose key. Then you can enter Compose/^/e or whatever.

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