[kde-linux] KAuth, Date and Time, System Settings, Bug found.

James Tyrer jrtyrer at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 31 19:19:16 UTC 2010

Well after considerable effort, I believe I have found the problem and 
it is a KDE bug.

First, I reinstalled KDE-4.4 BRANCH as: "/usr" which I do not like to do 
because it is difficult to hunt down orphaned files and configurations 
after updates.

I determined that setting the date or time was working correctly with 
authentication using KAuth.

I then reinstalled it as: "/usr/KDE-4.4" with:

-DSYSCONF_INSTALL_DIR=/etc/kde-4.4 \

I note that I built KAuth with PolicyKit although I do have polkit 

I configured the D-Bus configuration according to the tutorial:


It doesn't work correctly.  When I try to change the date (to test it), 
the: "Authenticate" dialog appears:


I enter the root password and click the: "Authenticate" button and I get 
this error message:


"Unable to authenticate/execute the action: 7, DBus Backend error: could 
not contact the helper. Connection error: Could not get owner of name 
'org.kde.kcontrol.kcmclock': no such name. Message error: Failed to 
setup environment correctly"

Since D-Bus is correctly configured, this appears to be a KDE bug which 
I find interesting after the excuses, whining, and abuse I, and Dr. 
Edgar Alwers, have received from various KDE developers.  Although I do 
think that the one developer in question actually believed that there 
was not bug, this attitude that we were on the receiving end of is not 
conducive to quality.  KDE could learn a lot from Toyota. :-D Developers 
should presume that problems reported by users are real -- not presume 
that they can blame someone else or that the problem doesn't exist.

I will add further to the bug:


James Tyrer

Linux (mostly) From Scratch

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