[kde-linux] kinternet doesn't start on reboot

FrankK frankk at oregoncoast.com
Wed Mar 24 06:53:42 UTC 2010

I'm replying to myself - Duncan, sorry about the unnecessary rant!

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Thanks Duncan,
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FrankK posted on Thu, 18 Mar 2010 18:38:36 -0700 as excerpted:

> How can I get kinternet to start on bootup? Manually restarting is just
> a nuisance! Is it an "easy get" to make it start automatically? My fresh
> 11.2 with kde 4.3.1 release 6, does not restart kinternet when rebooted.
> Kinternet once started has a Settings > Various Settings menu with a
> checkbox for Start Kinternet during Kde login. Whether kde is started
> via a passwordless login, or manually login, kinternet has to be
> manually started. I'm expecting there is a kde startup kind of directory
> that needs to have a kinternet startup. There's no hits greping
> kinternet in dmesg. My kinternet is located in a kde3 directory.

I don't use that program, but...

Assuming by that last bit that you mean that you are running kinternet for 
kde3, that checkbox is likely designed to start it with kde3 login, not 
kde4, which probably invokes it differently, as well as having the 
settings stored in a different location.

That likely explains why that option doesn't work.  There's actually a 
couple ways to fix it.

1) Stick a *.desktop file for kinternet in your kde4 startup directory.  
Look in kcontrol (aka system settings, even if it's more kde control than 
system settings), under Advanced User Settings, Autostart.

Now I'm running kde 4.4.1, the latest (with a lot of bug fixes, BTW, it's 
quite better than 4.3.x), and IIRC they changed the layout of that 
kcontrol module (aka kcm) a bit since 4.3, but here, I have two sections 
in the listing, one for script files, the other for desktop files.  To the 
right, there's separate buttons for add program (desktop file) and script 
(traditional bash script).  IIRC in 4.3 they just had one add button and a 
combined list.  Either way, click the appropriate button, browse to the 
correct menu item (I'm assuming it's in your kmenu), and add.

2) The other way to handle it is with the session manager.  Again, that's 
in kcontrol, advanced user settings, but under (what else?) session 

Here, among other things, you can choose upon login to start with an empty 
session, restore your previous session, or restore a manually saved 
session.  The choice here is up to you, but the idea would be to have 
kinternet in your restored session.

If you have it set to restore previous session (what I use and I believe 
the default), it /should/ rerun anything that was running when you logged 
out of kde when you login again (of course unless it's in the excluded 
apps list).  That would presumably include kinternet.  I know that I keep 
a pan (gtk NNTP client) instance running nearly all the time, and it 
restarts that, so it's not just kde4 apps that it restarts.  It should 
restart kde3 apps too, I'd imagine, if you still have some installed, as 
it appears you do.  All you should need to do is have it running when you 
leave kde, and it should restart it when you return to kde.

Alternatively, you can setup a session exactly the way you want it, save 
that session, and then have it restore that manually saved session.  The 
catch here is that I've never used this, so I don't actually know where 
one saves the session.  The help text says there's an option for that in 
the kmenu, but I don't see one. <shrug>  Maybe it's because I don't have 
the restore saved session option selected, so it doesn't give me the save 
session option on my kickoff menu.  Anyway, I presume this should work 
too, provided you can find the save session option, and have kinternet 
running when you do that save session.

Duncan - List replies preferred.   No HTML msgs.
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and if you use the program, he is your master."  Richard Stallman

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Ducan, how do I invoke the Session Manager? 
The lizard menu doesn't know about either the session or control manager.
There's no menu in the desktop background like some earlier kde versions.

My kde help index doesn't work - I have never have got that index working on
any kde version I've ever used! Using Find to search the kde4 help menu, I
found the session manger instructions.

What's missing is what these utilities are called and where they are. if
either is in my terminal search path, I never found the handle for session
manager or kcontrol, kcm, etc. I didn't find man pages or info pages either.

I started poking around and found Autostart. That looked promising, but it's
a totally empty directory, so I left that alone.

Can you share the magic for the invocation of Kcm or the session manager?
Frank K

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For completeness, I came up with a fix. I wrote a simple shell script in
~/bin that executes kinternet. With my openSuse 11.2 & kde4.3 in the
Configure Desktop menu there is and Advanced button.

One of the utilities in the advanced menu is Autostart. The Add Script
button brings up a browser to locate a script. When presented with the
default option of (create link), I chose that. This does what I wanted!

Duncan could I'm sure accomplish the same objective with the Session
Manager. That utility is also in the Advanced Configure Desktop menu.

When I attempted to use the Session Manager, it gives a stern warning about
starting an empty session. Session Manager can restore a manually saved
session, but didn't seem able to save a session.

The Session Manager help isn't working, so I gave up on it. Frank K

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