[kde-linux] Env vars problem

Shantanu Tushar Jha jhahoneyk at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 17:06:36 UTC 2010

    I'm using Kubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and have both the distro
version KDE 4.4 and current trunk both under a single user, using a
script to source vars for trunk.
Right now, many apps which are installed from packages, fail to run
correctly as my KDEDIRS points to "/home/hunny/kde:/usr:/usr/local" so
`kde4-config --path data` outputs-


this should also contain /usr/share/kde4/apps for the apps to work
correctly. I've verified this by creating links from
/usr/share/kde4/apps to /usr/share/apps and it works. But, obviously
thats a quite hackish way.
So, which vars do I've to set so that my KDE installation autodetects
/usr/share/kde4/apps ?

Please CC me as I'm not subscribed.

Shantanu Tushar    (UTC +0530)

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