[kde-linux] Thunderbird can't respond to hyperlink

FrankK frankk at oregoncoast.com
Wed Mar 17 01:37:21 UTC 2010

This is probably a T-bird only problem, but any list members that have
T-bird 3.0.4 and Firefox may have figured out a fix.

If you're still with me here, fresh openSuse 11.2, DVD Firefox 3.0.
something and DVD kde 4.3. T-bird came in a tarball from Mozilla.

T-bird Error Console writes an error related to load.URL when a hyperlink is
clicked. Firefox is my default browser and T-bird is my default email
according to Personal Settings.

Mozilla thinks this is an OS problem.

If there is interest here regarding this problem, I can supply specific
details - version, error message, etc.

Thank for you time interested or not! Frank K

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