[kde-linux] PolicyKit policies and KAuth: Day & Time -- SystemSettings

Duncan 1i5t5.duncan at cox.net
Mon Mar 15 05:24:23 UTC 2010

Dr.-Ing. Edgar Alwers posted on Mon, 15 Mar 2010 04:08:44 +0000 as

> Definitly, the system is becoming unusable for normal persons. Why am I
> at home, with my closed shop PC, not allowed to change the time,
> timezone ?

You can.  "Don't fear the command prompt."  (To the tune of "Don't fear 
the reaper.")


While I'd normally be all for having a working GUI method as well, it's 
not worth breaking KDE over, as I think you're (unfortunately) finding out.

> And my badly needed programs like kmymoney, qbankmanager etc.
> can not be run, due to a false timezone ?
> Please help. Do I need to recompile the complete chain of kdelibs, base,
> work etc ? And should we change to 4.4.1 or would we increase the
> problems with that ?

As IIRC I mentioned, I have policy-kit etc turned off here (Gentoo), so I 
won't try to help with that.  However...

In general, KDE is still under heavy development, heavy enough that each 
new version fixes a number of bugs.  While the new code can of course have 
bugs of its own, kde4 still has enough bugs that each new version tends to 
be a noticeably step forward (more bugs and more severe bugs fixed than 
introduced by the new code).

So I'd definitely recommend going for 4.4.1, particularly if you're going 
to be recompiling anyway.

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