[kde-linux] Strange phenomenon with KMail, MS Exchange, MS Outlook

Werner Joss werner at hoernerfranzracing.de
Fri Mar 12 16:00:31 UTC 2010

Am Friday 12 March 2010 16:28:42 schrieb Alexander Harrowell:
> MS Outlook's weird behaviour with in-line quoting is well known, but I
> haven't seen any comment on how it renders *incoming* mail containing
> in-line quotes. For the record, I've had complaints from MSOutlook users
> that e-mail I send with in-line quotes is misrendered.
> For example: The quoting isn't honoured (the text just appears with the
> quote characters, while in-line quoted e-mail from MS sources is
> highlighted and indented). Line-width is frequently broken. The same
> pathology applies to messages sent in HTML.
> Neither the system font, nor any font specified in the original e-mail in
> the case of HTML messages, is used; but rather than just appearing in
> Courier New, messages are rendered inconsistently in several different
> fonts. This appears to be the case for any and all non-MSOutlook clients -
> it happens to messages from mobile devices (iPhone, RIM, but also MS
> Windows Mobile), and to messages sent from Mozilla Thunderbird.
> Exploring the problem, it looks like either MS Outlook is broken, or else
> MS Exchange Server is doing something to mail passing through it (there is
> a configuration option to apply MS Rich Text formatting to all
> messages...). Switching off everything suspicious (suppress line breaks,
> "save disk space by only keeping HTML necessary to display messages") in
> Outlook doesn't help.
> I'm using KDE4.3 and OpenSUSE11.2, with KMail as the e-mail client within
> Kontact. Does anyone know of a fix on the sender side?

I don't know of any fix, but I doubt, there is one, given the fact that m$ 
outlook is just a huge piece of crap.
so, I just recommend everyone, not to use it, if possible.

p.s.: you should evtl. ask this question on kdepim-users at kde.org - maybe one 
of the kdepim-devs monitoring that list can give some technical hints.

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