[kde-linux] Strange phenomenon with KMail, MS Exchange, MS Outlook

Alexander Harrowell a.harrowell at gmail.com
Fri Mar 12 15:28:42 UTC 2010

MS Outlook's weird behaviour with in-line quoting is well known, but I haven't 
seen any comment on how it renders *incoming* mail containing in-line quotes. 
For the record, I've had complaints from MSOutlook users that e-mail I send 
with in-line quotes is misrendered.

For example: The quoting isn't honoured (the text just appears with the quote 
characters, while in-line quoted e-mail from MS sources is highlighted and 
indented). Line-width is frequently broken. The same pathology applies to 
messages sent in HTML.

Neither the system font, nor any font specified in the original e-mail in the 
case of HTML messages, is used; but rather than just appearing in Courier New, 
messages are rendered inconsistently in several different fonts. This appears 
to be the case for any and all non-MSOutlook clients - it happens to messages 
from mobile devices (iPhone, RIM, but also MS Windows Mobile), and to messages 
sent from Mozilla Thunderbird.

Exploring the problem, it looks like either MS Outlook is broken, or else MS 
Exchange Server is doing something to mail passing through it (there is a 
configuration option to apply MS Rich Text formatting to all messages...). 
Switching off everything suspicious (suppress line breaks, "save disk space by 
only keeping HTML necessary to display messages") in Outlook doesn't help.

I'm using KDE4.3 and OpenSUSE11.2, with KMail as the e-mail client within 
Kontact. Does anyone know of a fix on the sender side?
The only thing worse than e-mail disclaimers...is people who send e-mail to 
lists complaining about them
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