[kde-linux] Unwanted Renice Problem

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sun Mar 7 18:23:56 UTC 2010

On Sunday, 2010-03-07, David Baron wrote:
> KDE4.3 starts up fine. Then after a while, ALL its processes get reniced to
>  39 19. Anything run from kickoff or yakuake is run 39 19. Nothing works
>  well.
> Previous (sub-) version prioritized kde stuff to 40 0. This actually worked
> well (I do not fully understand how or why). Most recent upgrades went back
>  to the 20 0 (normal) execution. Last upgrade (bug?) has been renicing 39
>  19.
> I have to manually renice 20 0 stuff like kmail, the browser and plasma-
> desktop to do anything. Still problematic because it is not all that
>  simple.
> Ideas? Bug report? Fix?
> (Running most recent kde version off Debian Sid-unstable.)

Since I am running basically the same system (though I haven't updated for a 
couple of weeks now), I'd say it might be some kind of system configuration 

All processes here, i.e. not just KDE apps, are priority 20 nice 0 by default 
and nothing changes that.

Maybe you activated some kernel/system setting which automatically renices 

Do you see this for all users (e.g. system daemons running under their own 
user IDs)?


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