[kde-linux] desktop/workspace keyboard bindings question

Boyd Stephen Smith Jr. bss at iguanasuicide.net
Sun Mar 7 15:28:25 UTC 2010

In <317984.92194.qm at web54603.mail.re2.yahoo.com>, George R Goffe wrote:
>Thanks for your reply. This capability was available with kde 3.6 and
> earlier versions...
>Where did it go?

KDE 3.6 hasn't been officially released, yet.  KDE 3.5.10 was the last 
official release of the KDE 3 line, although I have heard that a KDE 3.6 might 
be in the works by some.

KDE 4.0 was effectively a re-write.  Lots of code was restructured, rewritten, 
or simply removed.  Qt 4 was used as a basis instead of Qt 3.

KDE 3 didn't officially have desktop widgets.  There were a number of add-ons, 
and they were reviewed for both ideas and, when possible, code.  However, not 
one was shifted whole into plasma -- the desktop interface for KDE 4.

I suggest using Alt+Shift+TAB to "lower" a widget, but I'm not sure if that 
serves your needs.  It might be that you need to file a bug against plasma to 
let the developers know there is a missing feature.
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