[kde-linux] Long-standing Problem: Nice 19

John Culleton john at wexfordpress.com
Wed Jul 21 12:40:27 UTC 2010

On Wednesday 21 July 2010 07:50:10 David Baron wrote:
> KDE core modules are coming up niced 19/39 which, of 
course, cripples KDE.
> Right now, I have a timed renicer script in Autostart to fix 
but this is a
> royal pain and the timing does not always work. The 
problem is not hitting
> other users.
> Any ideas?

What version of KDE are you using? I find KDE 4 to be 
sluggish so I use XFCE instead. Perhaps the niceness is the 
problem here also.  BTW I can still use KDE programs such as 
Kmail etc. with a XFCE gui. 
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