[kde-linux] Splash screen import errors

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sat Jan 30 11:14:25 UTC 2010

On Saturday, 2010-01-30, Duncan wrote:

> Allows to specify another path than /tmp where KDE stores its temporary
> files.
> (Actually, kde normally creates its own directory in /tmp, I believe it's
> /tmp/kde-<user>/ , with <user> of course replaced appropriately, for each
> user.  More secure distributions may patch this to have it point by
> default to ~/tmp/, a user-private tmpdir, instead.)

Not sure where you get the "more secure" bit from.

The temp directoy in /tmp is created with access rights for only the users 
themselves, not access for group or other. Directories in /home are often 
created with read access for group, which is not always a group specific to 
that user but something common like "users".

Putting the KDE tmp directory outside /tmp also means that it won't be cleared 
automatically on reboot. /tmp is also often located on fast media, e.g. in a 
RAM disk, a solid state disk or a smaller but fast harddisk, etc.

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