[kde-linux] ext4 Partition and KDE 4.3.4

Dr. Edgar Alwers edgaralwers at gmx.de
Fri Jan 29 22:20:21 UTC 2010


I installed a new 500 GB internal disk on my box, which runs Linux from 
Scratch, kernel On this disk, I formated a 50 GB partition with the 
ext4 system. 
My experiences: 
1.) The system mounts the ext4 partition through fstab, ( type ext3, type ext4 
is not yet recognised on fstab).
2.) On a console, I can e.g. copy a file to the ext4 partition.
3.) I cannot "speak" to this partition through dolphin. I get a message: error 
ocurred while accesing, wrong fs, bad superblock etc....

The compilation of the KDE4.3.4 was done before the new disk was mounted. But 
I rebuilt the kernel with the ext4 filesystem activated.

My questions:
1.) is dolphin ignoring my ext4 partition because it was build before the ext4  
activation in the kernel ?
2.) Is dolphin ( 4.3.4 ) not yet "used" to ext4 ? If this is true,
3.) will dolphin kde 4.4 be familiar with the ext4 system ?

BTW., dolphin is only one example. I cannot mount the ext4 partition outside 
of fstab.

Thanks for informations, 
Dr. Edgar Alwers

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